Would Raising the MinWage Fix Anything?

A key topic rolls around today…as we have finally gotten rid of some vicious attack code aimed at UrbanSurvival.  We always know we’re “close to the bone” in our analysis projects when the website attacks ratchet up.

But it matters not.  We know that the robots are coming, and we know that earlier thoughtful analysis was likely right on point (e.g. not enough jobs to go around).  Which is what the Bilderberg people are worrying about right now.

So this morning, some expert commentary from my friend Howard Hill (Finance Monsters) about how a bump up in the minimum wage would impact the economy.

With jobs on track to become about half as plentiful and in 10-years, or less, it’s not a trivial problem.

Especially if you like to eat, now and then.

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