Selling Us Down the River? Saturated Consumers & the TPA/TPP

I suppose you want me to explain what the secret TPP / TPA has to do with Jade Helm, don’t you?  Well, fine…but it’s two cups worth of reading…Global government has been rolled out.

One of our ongoing problem with the “Constant Growth Model” of the economy is it blows up without growth.  The long and short of this one (we’ll get into details) is that if growth indeed slows significantly, we will have a serious problem with economic things blowing up around the whole Pacific Rim and a lot of it will be aimed our way.

And that gets us to the second (related) discussion point.  Namely, what exactly is in the proposed (and still secret) discussions about TPP?

Oh, just the handover of America should we welch on our unpayable debts to China and Japan.  So yes, that’s why TPP is a secret.

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