TPP (Son of NAFTA) and Other Lies

They’ll be back  TPP ain’t over yet.

You know, I got a real kick out of my local Congressoid’s canned letter to me on the Secret Consumer Busting legislation embodied in TPP.  Still secret, by the way…even  after a vote.  Look surprised.  It’ll screw you…that’s why.

So this morning, we take some temperature readings on the last time the USA decided to “regulate itself into prosperity” – which, if you haven’t noticed, doesn’t work.  At least on this side of the border.

As always for subscribers, we won’t use a single expletive in laying out the data (there’s lot of it).  The challenge may well be whether you will be able to hold back the spew when you’re done reading.

Trade deals that have been negotiated since Bill Clinton’s other big lie (NAFTA will be good for us…) It’s just another way corporations have found to monetize hostage populations.

Nice world, huh?

Fortunately, we have coffee and aspirin this morning, so help yourself and we’ll warm up with a few trading model data points and a learned discussion of why the Federal Reserve will likely raise rates sooner than later…in order to more perfectly replay 1929…

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