Running of the Bears?

WFA (word frequency analysis) time as we assess the week’s damage to markets.  When headlines begin to appear on major (MSM) websites like Drudge, we know enough to be on our toes for a turn…

The constant chatter, however, is only one indicator of the changing relationship of “fiat” to Reality.  The overnight dip of BTC under $35,000 (briefly) is another indicator to be incorporated into our future view.

Only a few headlines this morning, because the ChartPack commentary is long and kinda complicated…

If you’re a bear, though, pay attention.

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HFGH: How the Future Gets Here

Forget the over-touted multiverseParallel dimensions are likely real, not some computer simulations of reality.  And not to be confused with the “real-thing” Reality, after all.

Before we explain parallel universes intersecting with this one, however, we first need to spend some time understanding how the Future – yes, the real one – as in here and now – actually gets here.

Amazingly, we do know more than we think we know about Future.  But, as we’ll explain, we have not put enough neurons on task as a society to evolve new ways to think about future.  And wrest control of it back from those who have already hijacked it.

Which seems to be a reasonably interesting – mid half-week thinking point – as we size up how markets are evolving toward what should be a fascinating next week. And month end when war becomes pending.

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