Race, Retroculture, and Some Rural Reservations

We pass a major milestone in the ongoing adventures of Peoplenomics.  Today marks our 1000th weekly since we first published deeper thoughts online in 1999.

Our focus today is on two prospects competing to dominate our future.  One is called “Retroculture.”  A concept of returning to those “...thrilling days of yester-year…

But this is offset by the ongoing and dangerously rising social pressures on the “Uranium People.”  We all remember what happens when ‘critical mass’ is reached?  Safer out here on the “Rural Reservations,” we reckon.

Somewhere in here, more disease outlooks – market hype rolls along – with so far – our prediction of “No cash until after the Election” holding up well.

Plus in our ChartPack, we wonder when someone besides us will recall how economic slow-downs tend to the first or second year of a new presidency…

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Peoplenomics: The Book

Wednesday will be “Issue #1,000” of Peoplenomics.  Time to pull 20-odd years of study into something for posterity.  Or, was that posterior?

The only thing to rival the insanity of the Digital Uprising and quickly emerging Digital Mob Rule is the political process.  Not much of a choice.

If you haven’t taken the time to watch “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix, you have missed one of the clearest previews of ‘the future’ you’re likely to find.

As we will see in the ChartPack, hard to see where this all ends happily – as the market is poised to out-launch

Elon Musk, or crater deeper than the Original Tulip Mania or 1720’s South Seas Bubble.

Merge with China and Russia into a Globalist World?  Or, stand up for our founding values?

Coffee up.  Freedom is on the line.

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In Plain Sight

A change of pace today as we look at a couple of historical oddities. Feels like a fine time to “get unstuck” from the pre-election frenzy.  Because if you’re like us, this has become pretty sickening.

Still, we stick to our long-term roots in cyclical economics as the ChartPack reveals some interesting information about what may be ahead going into Friday options expiration.

And of course, a few breaking economic stories including the just released…

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