Guidestones Calculus

With markets in turmoil, a pause for reflection on the Georgia Guide Stones paradox may be useful. If you haven’t heard of them, you’re way behind the curve.

Even if you have, though, they may not be “front of mind.”  There’s a lot to be learned from them, of course.  But almost nothing is known about who mysteriously put them there.  Points us to the questions though  –  and brings us to considering how we may all be victims of competing, society-wide, “shaping operations.”

Today we will consider the stones, Covid, and history anew.  We’ll go light on conspiracies (many of which turn out to be true, however). Yet many do hold “hidden variables” that can take decades to appear.  We’ll go heavier on the peering behind the curtains.   Nuclear saber rattling, masking, and pandemics, plus economic collapse potential from markets being so high.  All coincidental?  Or much more to it?  Historical rhyme time.

First, though, the usual slosh of news to consider and with the wild market action this week, including a “turnaround Tuesday” and will this turn into Wind-up Wednesday as the ChartPack is particularly interesting.

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Our StratPlan for Lockdown 2.0

Touched on this on UrbanSurvival Friday; today details. We’re walking a fine line between “overdoing it” and prepping for the “worst case” outcome which may be on the horizon.

Not without more coffee, a few headlines, and the ChartPack, though.  Especially since the market is to a “make or break line as you’ll see in a moment…

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A Day Without the Web

A lot has happened since I wrote the book Broken Web in 2012. Unfortunately, though, the long-term bottom-line outcome hasn’t changed.  If anything, post Wuhan, there are still more plotlines to collapse than happy endings.

This morning, two perspectives.  A look back at how television news lost America’s faith.  And a look ahead to the day we hope never happens.

We do this with the goal of keeping our minds focused and ready for any – and all – eventualities; it’s time to update our thinking and present what a day of life would be like with no internet.

I think you’ll agree, it’s a sobering mess.  Fitting for a accompanying post mortem on network news.

After a few snips of today-ish headlines and a look at the ChartPack which is busily digesting inflation and deflationary counter-currents from a very vulnerable perspective.

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