Crap Metrics of 2022

Event Arrows have been loosed that will shape the balance of 2022 and form our entry into 2023.  We need to look closely at some of these. The Fourth of July has always been a good time to kick back, assess the year to date, and see where the “arrow of events” is pointing for the balance of the year. The bad news?  Not too much is going as hoped. 2022 has turned into an historical turd, if you’ll forgive my directness.

Still, all work and no play is no good, either.  With goodies on the men u like BBQ, maybe playing in water (if you can find it), and enjoying some well-deserved time off – that’s what makes for a good holiday.

This morning’s report will therefore be “not quite PowerPoint bullets.  But we won’t mince words, either.

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“Second Sight,” Apnea, and DNA (Part 2)

Dreams, probability clouds, and sleep apnea is not the most mainstream economics and stock trading discussion you’ll run into, today. But it’s been an interesting journey following up on the many research forks apparent in our last discussion on point.  Which was Prophecy, Cardiac Insufficiency, and Hypoxia.

Today, we’ll be looking into additional data and I’ll be showing you some “strip charts” from a recording pulse-oximeter that may – in a very round-about way, influence investment decision-making.

Of course, before that, a few headlines and our ChartPack view of long-term market trends which – if Bitcoin is any indicator (which it may be) – is decidedly grim. We told you this was likely in the cards, though, so no surprise there.

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Vacation Uncertainty

So much for deserving a break today.  While summer should be time for picnics, trips, time with friends and family, a good deal of that has been blown up this year by bad policy, good court decisions, and angry people. Oh yeah, gas prices, too.

We wonder “What is America coming to?” with good reason:  It ALL impacts the markets.

A few “notes on nuttiness” as we stick mainly to the economics in this morning’s outlook.

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The Fall of Babel 2.0

While our rise as a technical society has exceeded past efforts, over time it seems destined to fail.  Not everything is ultimately extensible.  Limits to resources is a hard thing for the bacteria in the agar dish to accept.

In this morning’s discussion (other than the ChartPack and a few news items weighing on Future) we’ll explore that continuum of human thinking which is circumscribed by religious fables, education, and then the well-monetized attachment of symbols.

From here Life changes a bit.  For not only are we “processes of doing things” collectors, but we are also the “template pickers.”

A role which defines the future and makes serious human folly semi-predictable.

We’ll start with a few headlines to make the case..

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