Should “Prepping” Become “War Planning?”

We’ve been writing about Prepping almost from the beginnings of the Internet. Now, things are changing.  Well in advance of the Y2K “non-event” we were prepping.  I’d even gone so far as to position our “escape pod sailboat” at a safe harbor outside of the Seattle metro area.  In the event something did go wrong, there’d be “no pretending and no do-overs.”

This week, we focus on how the general economics-driven version of “prepping” could evolve as America moves into a more risky period featuring the potential for Global War.  In short, Prepping becomes War Planning.

We have a fair bit of history for guidance, so the exercise is as much about fine-tuning, as anything else.  Still, important to change up as the times evolve.

Which we will get to shortly after a few headlines and a look at our ChartPack.

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Media Lies About the Job Numbers

Yeah – we need to piss test Wall Street. And the NYC Media Moguls.  A rally based on what, Friday, for crying out loud?

America deserves full disclosure of who’s getting what money (perks and comps) for doing such a horrible spin on the economy and blowing the stock market skyward with smoke and hype.

Seriously, to anyone who can read and speak of it honestly of the experience (except us), did ANYONE mention the total number of people working was DOWN?

Seriously – a rally based on losing 319,999 workers is a cause to light ’em off?  Say WTF?

What kind of bullshit cheerleading of the sheep is being played on ewe?  You ever wonder?  We dive into just that.

We even put up the government’s own darn data. No, the fix was in.  Junker Joe just signed away the Debt Ceiling – which has become a joke.  Remnants of the GOP sold out Honest Accounting once again.  Thanks.  There’s a reason for our tiny website at Fired in ’24 – Free Citizens Will No Longer Stand for This Crap (

Except for one thing:  We keep standing (*and sitting) for it.  Damn shame and proof for voting doesn’t keep out the crooks.  Who don’t read bills and who don’t understand cash basis accounting.  We’re on the government equivalent to the EBITDA disaster of Internet Bubble 1 (which brought us the Twin Towers).

Wonder what they’re setting up for, this time?

No, there’s something else going on.  And Maybe more than “At the peak of Wave 2s, there’s more bullishness than ever.?”

Our decision to focus on the charts – and some remedial accounting for  readers may prove useful.

So here we go…

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Time to Spinoff the West?

Socialism’s darlings on the West Coast are starting to find their future is dimming quickly. Today, we consider latest Housing numbers – where the declines are clearest in financial terms.  But, even beyond this, the ancillary data supports the notion of moving “Back East.”

Toss in a barrel full of liberal Constitutional abandonment and excess development considering water and power…why, it’s the makings of a technology-rich hell.

Which we’ll jump into after a few headlines and the ChartPack.

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Enjoy It While You Can

A blow-off high at the market close Friday could face disappointment this coming week.  Not only is there a Fed meeting on June 13-14,, but we also have recent less-than-stellar news about inflation.

In all, while we admit to – even plan for – a continuing market rise for another two months, the late July (and onward) timeframe this year seems fraught with risk.

Still, on Main Street, the sense of “normalcy” pervades.  And who are we to argue with the Masses?

Therefore, a kind of “chill” look today as we work on bringing down blood pressure and adrenaline to stable levels…

Some “calm before the storm” seems prudent in here. It’s what holidays are for.

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