Fateball and the dma-x

Today we venture into the Twilight Zone between woo-woo and financial analytics.  Which, if you had asked me about last week, I’d have admitted is unlikely to exist. But now, thanks to “Living Two Lives” – a waking world and an amazing Dream Realm existence, I’m pretty sure it exists.

And forget Michigan and Ohio State this weekend.  In the Dream Realms the future that matters is ruled by something called Fateball.

Out of which arose (Friday afternoon) a new way to ferret the future – hidden in market data – which says (I’ll explain why) that the week ahead will be a downer.

Toss in the ongoing problems of war, hostages, and global politics, and we are on the 50-yard line where numerical and computational advances on the one hand (like A.I.) are still unable to end non-computational mathematical outcomes like love and hate, peace and war.

Yes sir, been a really interesting week…

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Personal Landing Zones

Feeling up for a book chapter-length discussion of Personal Landing Zones?  5,000 words on topic, but first we have other pressing business.

Still, I think you’re going to enjoy this morning’s survey. Because we’re going to show you how “prepping” is only part of a process that leads from setting up your personal “landing zone” to prepping and then on to arking.  Which is the bigger picture long-term self-sufficiency planning for you, you loved ones, and your heirs.

“Kentucky windage” will be required over time, however, to whatever shots are taken early. The Future is pretty slippery stuff and holding it is – at best – like eel wrestling.

The usual “roar of the grease paint and smell of the crowds” as we roll into the holiday. With our consigliere on hand, no shortage of new ideas to debate and conjecture over America’s way forward from here; if there’s to be one, that is.

Thursday will be an actual day off, which means only a shorter column, more’n likely. Ham radio antenna hanging is in the works thanks to my Potensic and his DJI. If you don’t know what those are, time to widen your tech horizons a bit.

Bean up – we have much to cover…

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The Turkey Day Briefer

The State of America is the annual topic around here when the turkey comes out.  Though, unlike many American households, there’s usually very little spread of opinion.  Because, when everyone at the table is over 70, they have been kicked-around enough by Life to have moderated most previously held extreme (or stupid) views.

Notwithstanding, we will begin today’s column with a short list of things than are showing up in headlines which could be harbingers of the Future.

This Turkey Day will be among the riskiest ever, we expect.  Partly because of the thousands upon thousands of OTM illegals the (retarded) administration has allowed to infiltrate the “Next Front of WW3″ via the southern border.  So bad, in fact that the FBI this week issued a terrorism warning about the period ahead.

Despite people elected to office (and not) the job of “securing America” has become something of a joke.  The crooks go unpunished (or to Nantucket) for the holiday.

An early hats off, therefore, before we begin, to the First Responders of fire, police, and medicine, plus convenience store clerks and travel workers who make the annual brush with insanity tolerable. At least to some extent.

With that as the set-up, and a reminder to keep your ears open and eyes out for “Exit” signs in public places where (Middle East-backed) terror could be applied as leverage, let’s commence “talking turkey.”

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Personal Financial Train Wreck, Anyone?

Or, how I turned a 40% gain into a 10% gain by modifying a successful trading approach.  Not a tale of woe (though anyone who says “It’s only money” is a damned liar). It’s really about the soaring cost of a good market education when you’re out on the theoretical edge.

Death may have the marketing slogan “Grim Reaper” but looks to us like A.I. is becoming the “Grim Thinker.” Which we will examine in detail this morning.

I probably couldn’t have chosen a worse time to change from day trading to position trading if I had tried. It is real money, sure, but I can make it back, no problem. Just ticks me off (at myself) that I didn’t see it coming, better.  Lessons learned?

Based on our doctor visit results Tuesday, we will likely live at least long enough to recoup, since our health is excellent, even though our change-of strategies timing ain’t.

Market data dumps are on the way plus there’s the matter of craziness ahead…ah, that.  Need to sample water from that end of the pool, too.

Trader’s ponder du jour? Coffee, tea, or flee?

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