Focus on The Ides and Oddballs

As we wrap up February next week, The Ides of March loom large. Not that Julius Caesar will be assassinated again, but the World could be on a hard boil by then as global events remind us of an old Talking Heads song – “Lifetime Piling Up.

The good news, such as it can be when so many of the G.A. Stewart Nostradamus pieces are falling into place, is that many of our deepest questions about “Who was behind the Dump Trump” move has come into the open due to an amazing Tucker Carlson interview with Michael Benz in the past week.

A link to that – it’s worth every minute of the full hour to watch – is included.  Since we have entered the Post Constitution period. When self-righteous “defenders of America” are breaking the country on the pretext of “saving it.”

Against this outlandish (criminal) usurpation of power from the electorate, we also look in on that “free money to play stocks” deal run by the Bank of Japan that lit off another moonshot in the markets this week.

But will it all hang together, or are we at another one of those Beware the Ides of March deals?

Two cups and onward.

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31 Habits of Miserable People

Most folks become like the people they hang out with. But it seemed to me (on a reflective birthday weekend and all) that I really needed a more formalized checklist of “things to look for” in other people.

Not that I’m putting myself above anyone else, mind you. In fact, it’s the opposite.  I have enough problems on my own that hanging around with people who don’t offer a fair exchange is a real timewaster.

This was part of a larger internal symposium on “what’s left to win in Life?”  Again, not that I’ve done it all.  But what constitutes “winning” when all you can leave with is what’s between your ears?

A few notes from headlines, which are we warned of on UrbanSurvival earlier, were expected to run off on a media-orchestration of hating Vlad Putin for the death of a political opponent.  Yet, political opponents in America are somehow treated better?

Then there’s our ChartPack, which is pointing where gravity goes.  Plus, we’ll remind you to go read G.A. Stewart’s piece on what Nostradamus has in store for the world next month. And circle March 11 in red.

More coffee before we start into it?

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“Fat Lady” in the Charts

No, the “Fat Lady” hasn’t started singing, yet. But in our ChartPack today, you can definitely get the sense she’s “tuning up.”

Since this is a semi/sort-of Holiday Weekend, we will keep our remarks brief.  I have a birthday party to prepare for – although living an isolated life, that means thawing a prime rib and chilling champagne.

Which will lead to “chilling” before the Tuesday open.

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Retail Looms: Bounce and a Book Chapter…

Plus 18 charts and  forward projections in our ChartPack.  Boy, do we know how to have a good time, or what?

That nosebleed on Tuesday will not be far from our minds, though. Because if the Chiefs’ win holds as “the turning point” for this overpriced pig of a market, then coming weeks will see the Dow and other indices slide to frighteningly lower levels.

But there’s going to be times like that when gambling and investing get confused…

So, plan on two cups while we plot a course into a darkening future…

Valentines Day – don’tcha love it?

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