Coding “George’s Golem”

A golem is something like an automaton (or more correctly: an animated anthropomorphic being) in old Yiddish literature. Sounds like a spreadsheet to us!

In the modern sense, it may evolve into yet another trading tool designed to provide additional information to the serious (OK, greedy, then…) trader in search of a dollar.

Today – after a few headlines and  the daily charts – we will explore ways to incorporate some logic into a complex spreadsheet with the objective of building us a “mechanical advisor.

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Heartbeat of the Market

I do not know when I have been more excited about something: In our decade-plus search to find new ways to analyze stock market data we have come up with a regular heartbeat to the market.

In today’s report, we not only tell you how to calculate this heartbeat yourself, with detailed Microsoft Excel instructions, but we also consider whether this “heartbeat” is telling us to expect a major downturn in the market next week.

Toss in the federal government’s potential Cold War-triggering indictment of Russian military officials for allegedly trolling American political contests and the outlook for next week becomes sketchy at best.
First, some headlines and more coffee as our warm-up for the big discovery gets underway…

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World War Web is On

Is World War III underway already except no one knows it because it’s hidden in plain sight?  Are you immune to it yourself because you fail to view your phone or computer as a “battle space viewer?”  Strong case to be made for that… one that who;s we’re locked in an unwitting World War Web.

Today we review some of the US military’s concerns about social media.  Including the shifty nature of ISIS (Daesh) on social.  And yes, the Russians are worried about “color revolutions” on their soil, too. Aided and abetted by the West. Dangerous battle space.  Many escalation paths.

Which is why – unreported in the stupid MSM – troll-farms and NGW/IW is the new locus of Russian and Chinese military doctrine.

It’s a critical time to review the Information Warfare Operating Environment, don’tcha think?  After our morning ChartPack and a few headlines, with more coffee, of course…

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Preparing for Web-Down

Say, here’s an ugly thing to be thinking about – like you need a few more, right?

How will you react and cope if the Web were to go down?

As we know, thanks to social media, we are in  what can only be described as a digital uprising – that which we label The Webolution.

How to cope, plan, and prepare?  After headlines and charts, a detailed discussion is served…

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The Webolution Marches On!

Subscribers please note, I am posting the graphic above that we discussed last week so people who don’t understand the news can play the “home version” of American Webolution.

In simplest terms, America is in the middle of an Electronic Uprising – and the battle space is shown in this chart.  This about guarantees that we will see Draconian restrictions on the web as the Constitutional Government will – at some point – have to shut down Social Media in order to defuse their Webolution.  Next week on Peoplenomics, we’ll work on how to prepare for that.

This morning, just the charts, posted a bit late so I could follow the trading in Europe for a while today.

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