The End of “Flat-Land” News

Advances in data summarization and presentation has outstripped the average human’s ability to live  effectively with “Flat-Land News.” That is, to admit that most of what passes for “news” is wholly incomplete, lacking of context and riddle with fake “forced-choice” presentation. 

Because it falsely distills complex events into bi-polar choicing that is most often agenda-driven.

At the simplest level, “Should taxes be raised” is an extreme of binary (yet persistent) news polarity.  At some level, supportive facts are offered on both sides.

Yet, at the deep level, there’s far more going on.  For raising taxes in a hyper-complex world results in hyper-complex rippling impacts.

Consequently, high-order manipulators of the “fact field”  proffer “bigger & truer facts” but not reliably “useful” facts.  Despite these shortcomings, they still hold sway. Climate and Trump-hate are only two present examples.  We use illegal immigration as an example in today’s discourse.

The result of “flat-land” news – absent wide contextualization –  is serial sub-optimal governance decisions, financial error compounding, and life-changing oversights such as those recently outlined for subscribers) in the just-completed book The 100-Year Toaster.

Before reading, you may wish to work on serious “centering” of sell.  One suggestion is  Some study of the Hawai’ian art of Ho Oponopono.

Contradictory though it seems, today’s report probes the opposite end of the mental spectrum.  .  Rather than “quieting our data” we suggest a massive reform of what we define as journalism into deeper data relationship analysis.  Think of it as lots more “deep diving”  – sure to scare hell out of the “waders” at the shallow end of the information pool.

A few comments about it in Podcast #9 online here (27 min).

The process may take a long while to evolve.  But rather than become sheep-like partisans, following the sources of greatest hyperbole, human culture may ascend to a new – and better place – where cultural realization can triumph over experts in financialization and political manipulation.

Ah!  An A/B choice, then?

No – since we all zoom-in to the data displays in our minds differently.  It’s a choice range, not an Bushian “with us or against us” idiot-oriented over-simplification.

Confused yet?  Dandy!  We’ll count bodies and market action first thing today. But, after that? We shall propose a NextGen  presentation layer for news and information not adequately transported to the mind by present 2D constructions of  (what rather sloppily) passes for “the news.”

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