Anagnorisis & the Wuhan Workout

As the death toll worldwide continues to mount – passing 1,116 on 45,204 confirmed – , we eye the next set of personal escalations.  This morning a look at what we’ve done already that you may wish to implement ahead of further events.

After, some morsels of data – and perhaps a Celebration of Lunation as the markets have now *(at yesterday’s highs) approximately equaled the  minimum 1929 Pre-Collapse Bubble.  We wonder how high is up, after all?  Projections follow.

Unlike Carol King, I won’t tell you ” I feel the Earth, move, under my feet...”

I do, however, have a sense of  slaughter ahead as the “mainly liberal” financial engineers of the NY stripe may soon be “burning down the house” to Stop Trump.

With J. Powell saying “this is unsustainable,” Who needs Molotov’s from the Bernunist when you have Miss March in the wings.  Repo’s Galore is her stage name, I think.

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