Hacking "Old Age" (1)

Another “lap around Life” hits this week as 71-rolls by.  Here’s the thing, though:  I feel every bit as good now as I did at 50- and maybe even better.

Why?  How?  Well, as near as can be figured, it’s because someone has been making a serious long-term effort for more than 20-years to “stick around for the End of the World.”

Still calling it a “dead heat.”

Like golf, Life’s not particularly hard –  since it may be all about technique. Today, we begin the checklist of some things I do (beginning with my odd – and maybe subversive – way of thinking).  Ideas here that you may want to “try on” for yourself.

First though, our usual Box Score on  COVID-19, no relation to Kojak-1973.

Plus the charts and our usual whine about how the market would be tanking already, were it not for the US Fed dumping in $9.454-billion  of “easy money” out into the markets Tuesday afternoon as they continue to sandbag our financial shores with paper…

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