Before You Write a Thing…

How to become a High Output Production Writer (Part 2)

This being a holiday weekend *(Easter tomorrow), we will ease into part 2 of our discussion of the writer’s craft.

In part one, we went over software, settings, lighting, screens, colors, moods, keyboards…all those “little things” that don’t get the attention due them by casual computer users.

However, whether you are crunching out text for work or pleasure, there’s a lot to be said for having the support systems in place to make output as friction-free as possible.  A little diffuser with the right scent, the cup of tea (just so) and nothing on the schedule that can’t be pushed.  Ah, the stuff of Hemingway is just ready to pop, right?

Today we get into the “popping part” with a little theory and a number of ways to approach any writing project.

Which could be the start of your next career.  You never know, anymore.

A couple of headlines first and an incredibly interesting ChartPack first…

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