The Rise of “Non-Productive” Work

Ever see the “cutsie” office sign?  “The harder I work, the behinder I get…”?  This morning we look at an increasing intractable problem:  How far can this trend of lessening human productivity go before the whole global economic system blows up?

In a sense, Karl Marx was onto something when he claimed that everyone (proletariat plus workers) should own the “means of production.”  Which was endorsed not too many years back as employee-owned companies rose in America.

Yet now, in addition to too much computer horsepower of our phones – resulting in egregious wastes like time on social media – and the resultant bot storms there – amplifying and feeding back into the waste loop – we see another problem coming along to hit up upside society:  Massive A.I. with robotics.

This morning, we throw in with Ned Ludd a bit.  And propose some novel solutions that the superficial monetizers of things like climate, race, and gender might want to think a little deeper on:  As the solutions to many of society’s ills not a need for “more tech and machines?”  Or is a more aggressively pro-human tax regimen the right medicine for what ails Mother Earth?

After a serving or three of headlines and our mid-week ChartPack.  All grist for hungry minds.

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