Two Alternatives to Social Media

George went domain name shopping this week because two pretty good ideas have come along, and subscribers get a first look.  It all comes as a spontaneous answer to a problem vexing all of us:  What productive something can replace social media?

This is not an entirely wasted effort, though it will take some marketing to get off the ground, for sure.

Long-time subscribers may remember the last time we had one of these “brain farts” come along it was a concept that turned into the website Public Design Library.  Long before the 3D printing world “opened up” we saw how going open source with knowledge could be a migration path out of what ails us all.  The planet, the wildlife, stripped out oceans, but most of all people.

We dive in after some Housing numbers and a few news snippets plus the chart pack.  Which, as we advised, we were watching to see which way things would break.  Looks like at least a partial answer is in…

Oh, and do see the “woo-woo special” at the end of today’s report.

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