The Gamer’s Guide to the Afterlife

I was wrong when I thought my book Packing to Die: Suitcase between your ears” was done.  It turns out that upon reflection, there is still a chapter missing. Maybe even a missing “next book.”

Which we will rectify today with an additional chapter that will be added to the book (on Kindle) in the coming week, or two.

So in addition to threats to the banking system, Ukraine being on a short (and soon glowing?) fuse, political wonkyspeak of politicians without clue but beyond number, we do keep our focus on things that really matter in today’s report.

A next chapter of Packing to Die.  Which hopefully won’t be too relevant or too soon.

Along with market and other sorts of fallout, too. Can the lid stay on until Easter?

We apologize in advance for a 28-page report of >5,700 words.  But there’s trouble afoot and much to cover.

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