Nervous Weekend, Anyone?

Between Banking (and “special treatment for the rich”) along with one war hot, one brewing, a former president facing a possible perp-walk, and rampant inflation in hard assets, it’s a hard weekend not to have the jitters.

Sorry to say:  We can’t alleviate too many.  But, our steely-eyed view of things will remind you that it all “works out in the end.”  Only question is “Whose end?”

Of special interest today is the ChartPack – which promises an even-more interesting week just ahead.

The Biggest of Big Deals, then, will be the Federal Reserve FOMC meeting which begins Tuesday and will release a rate decision Wednesday afternoon during an otherwise very quiet week ahead.  Unless you’re Zelensky, Xi, Trump, Biden, or maybe even you.

Our first item on the agenda today, however, is not the world’s most delicately balanced forecast of what’s ahead.  Because we have zero control over that.

Instead, we focus on personal time management because, when the news gets turned off, We the People are the ones “For whom the clock ticks.”

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