Slots, Life-Loops, and Investments…

image(Sedona, AZ)  Very much a “to the point” column this morning as we discuss our “secret mission” of the current road trip.  You didn’t think we would be driving and leaving the airplane home in the hangar without a damn good reason, do you?

Then, Saturday we will focus on the art of “investing” again, versus “trading.”  But this morning’s column is about the “softer side” of how that investing stuff takes place and how to trouble-shoot our own thinking when we start to make bad investment decisions.

So this morning a bit of analysis of investment and trading using a very neat tool called Life Loops.

It also happens that it ties in with our “secret mission,” and how we live (and score) this pony-ride called Life.

But let’s begin with the undisclosed other details of my slot machine approach which I promised yesterday…

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