Paris Outrage: Did Anyone Trade in Advance?

image(Amarillo, TX)  This morning we do a little forensic accounting as we look forward to the Monday opening of global markets to see what effect the killing of nearly 120 people by crazed Muslim extremists in France will do to global markets.  A sizeable decline is possible to likely.

You see, the paradigm of the national security state is that such things can be prevented – if we just give up enough of our freedoms.  Hence, we’ve gone along with the airport pat-downs and such.

But Europe?  Their immigration policies have been even more stupid and inane than those being followed by the Obama administration which is seeking to admit even more people – many single military aged males – into these United States in coming months.

So is someone trading in advance and making a killing?  It’s hard sorting the general decline from the possibility of front-running a massive decline next week based on terrorism’s big return to the headlines.

So double-up on the coffee…we’re looking closely and the game’s afoot.

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