Is FAME a New Kind of Money?

Okay, the past month or so, we have been looking at the weird changes to what was once a fairly straightforward science called economics which is now being spun on his head by not only digital currencies but something even stranger: Fame.

This was covered a while back by PBS in one of their outstanding FrontLine reports dealing with Friends, Followers, and Fame. It was titled “Generation Like.”  But they didn’t roll deeply into the economic implications so we’ll do that this morning.

The problem is that in a digital society, a new form of currency is evolving before our eyes. This morning we’ll take an unabashed look at this weird phenomenon and see if we can make sense of it and what it portends for our future.

As usual however, we will begin with coffee, a few headlines, and then that ever important Trading Model.

Unless we suddenly become famous before we get that far…which would be fine…

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