Compunism: How it’s Killing the Music Industry

It’s Valentine’s Day and we all love music, right? This week I’m going to take you on a short tour of our home recording studio and explain how it grew into what it is today.  Which has what to do with economics?  Talk about an industry rocked by changing technology!  Yee-gads!

I mean besides showing you a shopping list for a kick-but home project studio for under $500? (*Not including computer), you are going to see first-hand how all this “new media” stuff is killing off the old-guard music business.

You see, there is a huge war on between the old and the Avant-new. Our slowly developing project and building multitrack facilities in L.A. does allow for something approaching expert analysis in this area…

Since you may not own a small home/commercial studio, you may not be following the trends in the music biz.  They are…to put it mildly…horrific.  We’ve got some Nielsen data to back that up.

The problem?  It’s a huge challenge to Central Control…which is one more reason the Internet will end up being regulated in some form, because it is killing the way things used to be…as we’ll get into after coffee and headlines and the Trading Model…which has continued to outperform even the best of the TV pundits.  Amazing….

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