Ebolanomics: The Passing of the Growth Paradigm

It would be deliciously simple if I could tell you “OK, that’s IT.  Growth is going away and it will mean worse-than-Depression unemployment is a certainty by 2025.  So make your amends with Universe, the SHTF is going to be a slow motion ending orchestrated by Ebola.”

But it’s not that simple.  (What can’t anything be simple and direct, anymore?)

Still, we’ll take a crack at it – using some very revealing research done years ago by the Federal Reserve – on what a post pandemic world might look like.  If China, Peak Energy, Warburg, Taxes, Robotics, and all the rest of it doesn’t get us first, pandemic economics is worth a look.

The only reassuring part of this morning’s report is we can still get a decent cup of coffee and this is real-life economic, not just some wild-eyed “doom porn” about the world sinking in Atlantis-like fashion or being blown to smithereens by the Long Valley Caldera.  Reality, I hate to mention, could be a whole lot worse…

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