Ebola "Prepperdemic" – Staying Ahead of the Curve

We’re not big on spending money foolishly, but the net is afire with crazy talk about Ebola, risks, and what people are planning to actually do about it.

Therefore, this morning we will go through the basic systems of Life (all seven of them) and work though a common-sense prepping plan – one that we put into operation on Wednesday when the word of the confirmed case in Dallas was making the rounds.

What we’ll focus on today is the concept of “dual use.”  In other words, what are the disease isolation tools that you will have use for no matter what and what future purchases that you’ll need in the coming year, or two, can be moved up to present day purchases?

Along the way, we’ll hear from “warhammer” – who long-time readers will remember is a real (legit) war-gamer whose bailiwick includes the B of NBC warfare.

That and the latest from our Trading Model following yesterday’s market action and a few other notes, promises to make this morning’s report a “two or three-cupper.”   Well over 6,000 words, this morning’s report is about prepping for a truly novel situation.

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