Tools: Website Development

Peoplenomics readership is pretty broad and many of our readers are involved with the web. Some at the executive level, some as content providers, and others in marketing and sales.

So,a  periodic discussion of how to assess, build, and analyze websites is something we have a real interest in.

Our technology is not “the hottest licks” out there.  But, it does get the job done.  In fact, before the year is out, we will be switching our subscriber content from traditional hard-coded HTML (which has a lot to recommend it) to the current “responsive design” concepts.

A few headlines about “Where’s the damn war?” And the morning ChartPack.  Then a forward look at the web, how to assess and how to plan for an internet challenged world if the web becomes a war zone. And Social Media falls apart killed by it’s own egoic excesses.

Which we’re kinda figuring on…

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