Quake Follow-Up and Managing the “MeCompany”

February 6, 2013 — First item of business this morning is a discussion of  the 8.0 quake last night, a few notes on the possibility of a prequel to a  Global Coastal Event and then we will pick up with what we started on last  weekend, which was what?  A discussion of investment ideas for young families  and at the top of the agenda there is a discussion about how each of us is CEO  of our own business empire – MeCompany for short. Since people are very much  business models which operate like companies, we can then put some benchmarks  out in terms of measuring how we’re doing as MeCompany CEO’s.  First, as always,  the tai chi and yes, now I know why yesterday’s UrbanSurvival piece about the  (possible) global coastal event was such a downer in yesterday’s column….

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