A New Book Preview and Vote

My latest book, published on Kindle and titled “The 100-Year Toaster” argues the world doesn’t have a population crisis.  We have a quality crisis.  Wrapped up in the book is an explanation of how shoddy goods are bad for the planet but great for the corporations who run the place.

Yes, population concerns may be a con.

It’s almost a riff off the wrong-headed “Climate Change” misdirection.  We could solve “climate” at a stroke. By simply ending “useless industries” (take sports, please) and ensuring all product had to meet long-lasting use metrics.

Since this kind of “truth to power” doesn’t sell well (the first copy may have been sold by now, but damn few) we preview another “TTP” (truth to power) book this morning.

Titled “Farm School” it’s a text and workbook approach to Downscaling.  Deciding what in your life is your Big Purpose and then focusing on that direction.

First, as always, a few mood-setting headlines and the ChartPack. As markets continue their “flying concrete” blast-off  which is surely envied by NASA and Musk. This as BTC lives under $60,000. Not surprising in such a Doge eat Doge world, now, is it?

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