Yellen over Kohn: A Vision of What’s to Come

It’s a buzz.  A vibration that permeates the soul that I haven’t felt in years.  The last locks on a tumbler of an incredibly complex lock mechanism finally falling into place at last and revealing a graceful treasure within.  Unfortunately, what is unlocked if the future, as a design comes into view; one that’s at once horrifying because of the magnitude of change it will be to the unwary, but – in a curious way – one that preserves America as a country while ceding the obvious:  We aren’t the only country of power in the world, anymore.  We’ll dispense with this morning’s usual rehash of headlines because for millions of Americans, grasping the Big Picture of where the economy is likely headed is the most important “real” story out there. Yellen’s in, Kohn isn’t…but it speaks volumes as to ‘Merica’s future for those willing to study the playing field…

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