WW3 Last Minute-Prepping

Weren’t we offering this same kind of advice back in the fall of 2008?  Yes, sad to say. But if we toss in Turkey as a coming front (with Greece) there are 9-fronts open today (or is it 10?) and goods are topped up, you have plans for survival gardening as season permit and you have a “bridge” of stored food to get you to the next planting and growing season.  Hopefully, nothing will go wrong.

We are, however, unlike 2008, not on the verge of a well-contained economic debacle (did anyone ever go to jail? No?  World War 3 is more about 8-billion hungry humans trying to work out who will end up with enough long-term resources to persist into the second half of this century.

With wars active in Palestine, Syria, more recently in Armenia and Ukraine, plus with war in the wings for Taiwan (potentially as early as this weekend) and with North Korea setting itself up in an arms-for-food relationship with Russia, one could argue that a World War is what’s brewing up. ..

Now toss in the cartel alignment with Russia via Mexico, the leaky narco-state next door and toss in a Pollyanna administration which is fighting the wrong war (climate and pronouns, not food and energy) and certainly nothing could go wrong. Right!  At least that’s the watery pabulum served by corporate media which dares not upset the financial apple cart.

Which we will roll through today along with our most worrisome ChartPack,; which has a Puetz window opening Friday and a potential decline to a crash window next week, since the all-time of this Wave 2 rally that we’ve been in seems to be in and the Big Drop just ahead.

Like the Log Jammer at Magic Mountain, a few decades back, except this ride will feature different screams and the splashing of fake money, not water of the sluice.

You in line for that?

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