World War Web is On

Is World War III underway already except no one knows it because it’s hidden in plain sight?  Are you immune to it yourself because you fail to view your phone or computer as a “battle space viewer?”  Strong case to be made for that… one that who;s we’re locked in an unwitting World War Web.

Today we review some of the US military’s concerns about social media.  Including the shifty nature of ISIS (Daesh) on social.  And yes, the Russians are worried about “color revolutions” on their soil, too. Aided and abetted by the West. Dangerous battle space.  Many escalation paths.

Which is why – unreported in the stupid MSM – troll-farms and NGW/IW is the new locus of Russian and Chinese military doctrine.

It’s a critical time to review the Information Warfare Operating Environment, don’tcha think?  After our morning ChartPack and a few headlines, with more coffee, of course…

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