Where to Make Your Stand

Where do YOU want to be when TSHTF?

I happened to be chatting with a fellow in town this week who’s a pretty good trader and he got to asking me what I’d do with a house of value X and payoff Y.   Where Y equaled about 1/2X.

It didn’t take me but a second to answer him:  Sell the house and get something you can own free and clear.  The focus on minimizing your monthly operating costs because, especially on the north side of 60, there is what I figure to be an even-money chance that Social Security benefits will be cut due to budget calamity long before you pass on to the ultimate tax-shelter six-feet under.

We haven’t talked about prepping for a while, but we have talked a bit about unloading certain assets, but this morning a bit deeper look at this is in order while we twiddled our thumbs to see how See-N-N can overhype the Final 10, which is the final 11, or can some not count?

The Fed meeting is this morning – and I am waiting like everyone else for the announcement tomorrow on rates  – sorry but my personal clock has been running a day ahead of time, of late.

A few comments on the charts, though, is the main thing, including a dart or two on when the market low should arrive and how far into next year to hold things.

So coffee up and let’s roll.

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