Where to Invest During Negative Growth

We know the market is dropping just as soon as the little rally we’re in presently wears off.  It’s a lot like “hair of the dog that bit you” on the way to a monumental hangover; the underpinnings of the market are in trouble, everyone knows this, but we’re still in denial – and that’s a sure-fire formula for a rally.

In  the meantime, however, the problems of negative growth are still coming down the tracks at us; it’s just we don’t have the vision to see the train clearly, at least just yet.

As we covered in our last report, importing a new underclass from South America via the perishing once-upon a time border may seem like the easy way out.   Besides, it’s a lifetime meal ticket for political manipulators who promise the moon and then tax people to pay for it.  Not that the republicons are any better than democraps; they all helped surround Washington with the garrison of checkbook bandits from K Street who buy public policy the way you and I might hit Subway for lunch.

How to preserve a little sanity (and family wealth) is our topic this morning, after a few headlines, the charts, and the trading model.  Fine stuff to watch as we await the next slide of the markets down to…..let’s start there.  Then we’ll dance the “Cost of Living Samba.”

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