Where America Went Wrong

Welcome to Fed Day and the afternoon adventure of “How High Will They go?”  As we collapse down into the Second Depression (our use of the term ought to be obvious within a year) we spot and tell you how to fix two of America’s dumbest decisions.  This won’t be painful, except if you find yourself feeling the pain of saying “How could we have been so stupid?”

The answer – sadly – is that last sentence is not in past tense just yet.  We are still being stupid with more being served up daily.

The fix is easy – but it will involve going back to a time in America most have forgotten about.  A time when everything was the Mission. A quantum leap from today’s self-aggrandizement festivals on the social media platforms screaming “Me! Me! Me!” 24/7.

Fortunately, some relief as we look at stock prices in our charts and compare things now with what was – once upon a time – long ago.

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