What’ll Be Left Standing? (1)

A long-time subscriber up in Sandpoint, Idaho (since 2010) sent in a request this week:  The general idea was looking into the crystal ball and see what sectors will likely be hot and which ones not, when the big collapse that everyone knows will be along one of these days, actually shows up.  While I have been moderately bullish for a minimum of 1,982 on the S&P (with extensions up to the 2,200 level possibly in the cards) it sounds premature to be looking at the after-crash carnage.  But since this reader asked no point in not doing some initial planning and expectation setting.  As you’ll find, there are many-a-new odd dynamics in play that will make this Depression much (how to say this?) different from the last one.  First, however, some oatmeal and decaf and a visit to the teletypes before we get down to the Trading Model and our “Continuity of Life”  (while becoming filthy rich) discussion.

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