What to Spend Your Assets On

There is lot more to this discussion than “money” in the digital/fiat sense. There are assets like “length of expected Life” and “How much to spend to get how smart?” 

Those are metrics that always matter.  Money just moves up to the “top of the pile” because it is the most visible layer in human economics.  The deeper question is “What are you buying and to what end?”

When studied, we fail to find in Nature, any such compunctions to print, charge interest, carry-back seconds, or the whole litany of behaviors called “financial engineering.”

Let alone buggering-up what should have already been a simply relief act due to lost incomes due to the shut-ins.

The Hoax of it all comes into focus – and we’re really now at the weakest part of the PowersThatBe Cycle – for angry mobs can arise – we need to look back, as well as ahead, to see what kind of a bargain will be struck with the Devil on it’s latest periodic visit.

And that begins with redefining our sense of “value.”

Which we will do after the COVID data, the ChartPack view of the markets, and with an eye towards Pappy’s best advice:  “You can only spend it Once.” 

(Pappy didn’t know politicians. though…nor fractionally reserved Banksters…)

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