What Has Happened to Prepping?

The times they are a-changing, and us with them. Makes for a good perspective to look back over almost 40 years of prepping work and see what thingswere stable and which pieces were changed.

Plus, in our ChartPack today, we look at a simple way to extract some “rules for trading” from a table of stock information.  May be able to pick up some new ideas on how to “shade your bets.”

Our morning warfront travelog (bring your own bullets) will check the 1500 mile war zone north (UKR) to south (Gaza border of Egypt).

But first, we have to take corporate media to task for some real BS spin on Tuesday election returns. Because it wasn’t a “MAGA loss” as some of the lefties hold. It’s that people just want to remain free. Partisan labeling is a scam of controllers and charlatans, as we see it.

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