Wet Noodle Economics

You can almost taste the changes in the air.  An election coming up. The Post Office, of all things, has become a key pawn. A massive change in how society operates and interacts is pressed by a disease.  A global sense of “peak everything.”  And a collapse of millennium duration social norms. 

All of it attacked constantly on social media.  Which, in turn,  is incorrectly cited by wrong-headed media as representing the masses.
We set aside most of these things – since we can’t change the course of mighty rivers (or bend steel in our bare hands).  Instead, disguised as a mild-mannered skeptic for a miniscule website based on reason, we’ll present a powerful preview of the future.  Far-beyond those of ordinary men.
As soon as the few headlines and a fascinating ChartPack is done, we’ll scream “How High Silver?” and ride again. Cape diem.  (Cape the day?)

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