War of Wunder Weapons?

We open our thinking toolkit – which includes the hypothetical Directorate 153 – today as we wonder what’s been going on at Area 51. And if that might have something to do with the U.S./NATO willingness to egg Russia (and whoever else) into a nuclear showdown.

However, as we face another morning of escalation potential in the Middle East in 3 hot zones, in Europe along the Ukraine and possibly now the NATO supporters of that war’s frontiers, there’s a new pot about to boil over in maritime territory held by the Philippines – and China wants to expand there oh so badly.

While our view is entirely fictional,; my consigliere has been asking me for months to “…ponder why Victoria Nuland and the other neo-turned-libcons at State are willing to put it “all out there.”

Is it runaway ideology?  Not likely – smart people don’t make moves unless they believe there’s a winnable play to be made.

But, as you will see in today’s speculative journey into the shadowlands of mythical intelligence units, there may be a lot more than a rabbit down this rabbit hole.  Could be aliens are playing us,..

If course there’s the usual news flow to be mined, as well.  So coffee up and let’s ride. We trust you remember of the Wunderwaffen worked out for Germany in WWII?

Into the Twilight Zone of future?

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