Wait State Workplans

Let’s begin at the beginning: “A wait state is a delay experienced by a computer processor when accessing external memory or another device that is slow to respond,” It is precisely analogous to the problem faced by people (like us) who can see what the Future may hold, but there could be some time – months or even years, in fact – before said future actually darkens our doorstep.

What to do in the meantime?  I mean “seeing the Future” can be done.  Sometimes via fiction (think Jules Verne) and sometimes in movies (Shatner’s fine work). But how many people find themselves  today – reading the “scary headlines” and yet remain paralyzed and unable to do a damn thing about it.

DIHLW:  Deer in headlights world.

That and our usual Saturday morning ChartPack while Mr. Ure does an “early write” so I can be welding at dawn before the fire retardant on the lawn (dew) burns off…welding on solar rack #1 calls.

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