V.E.S. (and it deals with Vacations…)

June 5, 2013 — Take a drive  through almost any city in America at this time of the year and you’ll see signs  up in many neighborhoods proclaiming VBS!  It’s usually accompanied by fine  print for us heathens to remember it means something other than Visual Basic  Scripting.  Most times, it means Vacation Bible School, but if you were to see  such a sign in a certain part of Redmond, WA, if could just be someone with my  odd sense of humor.  “What’s this VES stuff, Ure?”  Indeed:  Vacation Economics  School…wherein we provide some cost comparisons between different vacation  modalities.  After a Danish, a splash of Mrs. Olson’s (if double Daning can be  forgiven), after a look at just crossing headlines, you’ll read Brother Ure’s  preach on the Gospel of More Time Off.  In Excel see us, daily, et cetera.

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