"V" – As in Virus and Vacation

The Ure’s face an interesting problem: One you likely will come up against if you haven’t already- vacation planning.  If you have “places to go” and “people to see” what is the best way to get there?

Not exactly a “mainstream economics” question – like how the Fed is watering down the purchasing power of money while trying to “paper-over” a Great Economic Disaster. 

But, it’s a practical question.  Because some of us are old enough to remember what a nice, leisurely summer cruise around America was like.

We’ll dig into the strategies and costs, but first, the assorted headlines (and virus projection update for the week).  And what Saturday would be complete without our ChartPack or Podcast #25 (here)?

Click on in, Bubba (or Bubbette, as the case may be)…

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