Short for “Time To Re-Think Texas?” Don’t get me wrong, we love this place beyond belief.  It has almost everything we could want.

More than a million square feet of land.  Since there are 43,560 square fee, and there are 28.82 of them (more/or less) then 1.256 million square feet, or a square 1,120 feet (3-1/2 football fields) on a side.

There’s plenty of water, easy tree-growing, low taxes thanks to tree farm ag exemptions.  And some of the most capable and good-natured people in the world who believe in something bigger than a social media persona and the Constitution is honored.

Yet, there is one slim chance scenario that has been waking me up nights lately and it involves the country from whence came Wuhan.

The details of Ure’s latest bit of “pretzel logic ” after we do the body  count.  Both for markets and virus with charts on each.  For we are non-partisan in our battle space assessments.

At least until we see the “whites of their eyes.”

Podcast #18 will be here – hopefully before noon.  But I have this old AMD machine that has gotten cranky and I have to figure out why the audio is cutting out…

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