Tomorrow’s Best Investments

Consumer prices are just out and we’ll hit that first. But then some perspective on the future impacts of Inflation and how it will change our world. Mighty useful when making strategic life decisions. Because you can increase your odds of “making good financial calls” by picking the right assets to be heavy in, well in advance. Same with big-ticket spending. Helps to have an outline of the future, too.

As always, our subscriber reports are not for “me-too” people.  Because those folks generally fall into with a) victimhood groups or b) “captain’s off the bridge” thinking.

In other words, people who find it too much of a bother to plan to make it starts with making a plan.  Or, they are weak-willed and can’t be held to account for their results from negotiating “their own best future.”

Take it from someone with a few years on you: The best times you spend in life are with someone you love (and who responds in turn) and time you spend with calculators and history books. Money’s just how we keep score.

When you own the NOW, the FUTURE depends mainly on “remaining present to win.

Spending on the future after CPI details, a few headlines, and the ChartPack, of course.

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