Times of Economic Self-Preservation

We dispense with all the usual formatics this morning to deal with the One Question that Matters.

What’s the right move at this precise time and place that a person trying to preserve their retirement accounts and such MIGHT consider given where we are in the Economic Long Wave?

It’s a complex question and while we don’t offer financial advice, this morning’s discussion will give you all kinds of things to consider.

Indeed, an  unusual report this morning, but then again, these are definitely unusual times.

As always, I tend to err on the side of caution – and freely admit that by doing so we may sacrifice a few potential gains.  But it all comes down to what your age is and how much time you have to recover from a major set-back should you get things spectacularly wrong?

Thus, a longish discussion about perspectives and where the Long Wave seems to hold us at present day.

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