Time for a SBR?

That’s a “Science-Based Religion” plugin?  An add-on for religions (and political parties).  Which only sounds crazy until you consider the increasing levels of interpersonal warfare underway in digital realms.

Humans are – to a large degree – stimulus mirrors. If you have institutions that hate and people swim in that polluted space all day, of course their behavior will mirror to cope in that environment. If religions – along with education, media, and politics – pass messages of hate around (damned if you don’t comply in this or that) a sub-optimal human is the only outcome likely. We need to get hold of our input controls.

Naturally, a workable SBR would need to be non-denominational. It would need to be adaptive as well.

Importantly, though, many of the traditional roles of religion are being filled in today’s world with excess partisanship, monetization of differences between humans, and an over-sized political dimension that’s both wasteful and inefficient.

We need a migration path to universal and inclusive. Like climate change promoters have worked their non-denominational “science” but with interdisciplinary shoulders such as income, food production, and economic balance.

If humankind is to survive, we reckon, more brainpower applied to the reduction of conflict-supporting variability of violence supporting “gulf-building” likely offers a way forward without fallout, meltdowns, or additional bioweapon use.

Which we will get to right after a few transitory headlines and our ChartPack….

In the meantime, even if you’re not a subscriber, ask yourself “What would a universal (science-based) belief plug-in…for the soul.. look like?”

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