Threat Board Mastery

Information is the “high ground” in all matters these days. Yet, for some reason, most people are “passive news and information consumers.”  A threat board is a tool to hone your aggressive news and information strategy to better inform all aspects of your life.

The average don’t look long, hard, or deeply at much of anything.  Bumbling through life – without purpose – it’s easy to drop in to “go along to get along” mode.

Oh, yeah:  It’s also what makes average people, well, you know…average!

We tackle that on an ongoing basis using the idea of a “threat board” which traces its way back to SWOT analysis in business.

But, before we get into it, a look at the height of financial folly in our ChartPack.  Sure…it really is different this time.  Until it’s not.

Bean up, eyes on your goals, and we roll…

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