The Webolutionary War

Don’t worry if the news in recent years has made less and less sense. There’s a simple reason for it that no one dares speak about openly.  However, since the Fourth of July is upon us, it’s past time to get real with ourselves and admit that America now has two governments.

Which means, that we are in the Webolutionary War.

There are aspects of intergenerational, plus plenty of left-wing, socialist/communist influences, sure-sure, all that.  But, it’s also a war involving money – one of the root causes of all wars.
Oh, yeah, and one possible outcome is  (as I’ve written since 2012) the Licensing of the Internet.  Maybe a shutdown, too – to save the incumbent government.

So bean up – a few headlines, the charts, and so forth – but then into the foxholes as Coimandante Ure’s non-partisans survey the battlefield and make sense of both side’s fortifications.  A report that will leave you charged up, if not shell-shocked…

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