The “Unclouded” Future

There is a business model battle going on in plain sight that will largely determine our computing future.  It’s one that I touched on in my book Broken Web: The Coming Collapse of the Internet in 2012.

Even now, the battle is far from over.  However, enough companies and institutions – not to mention regular folks – have bought into “cloud computing” that it makes sense to revisit the topic.

Particularly when economic warfare is likely to expand as opposition hackers – state actors, really – take aim at critical American infrastructure.

Little things you might now miss:  Food distribution, energy pipelines, the banking system, cell phones, and more.

The good news?  There are some software players – with very good products – that are becoming aware of the underside of the cloud.  Which is more than gray…

First, a few headlines and some eyefuls of ChartPack to get us going on this mid-week edition.  Starting as expected with the ADP Job numbers just out…,

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