The Ultimate Prepper’s Low Power Stereo FM Radio Station

img564…for the end of the world. 

Sick and tired of the MSM?  Who isn’t! 

Tired of the crumby playlist you’ve head for the zillionth time on your FM station?

Want some information, so MP3’s aren’t ideal?

The radical prepper’s answer (and we have ours on the air) is to build your own radio station!

Yep – very much like a radio selfie, and complying with all the applicable rules, this is something you can set up and have ready for emergencies, plus when you’re down working in the shop, our gardening or doing yard work, you can have your own personal FM station playing exactly what YOU want it to.

Complete with station breaks and jingles, if you’d like.  And what about a network feed, time, temperature and live weather?

Sure.  Piece of cake.

The idea of sharing this with our Peoplenomics readers came when I was working on my website.  “You know?  I think a LOT of people would find this useful,” I thought to myself.  So today, we skip the whole “design a serious music studio” for recording that first Platinum CD you’re working on.  Let’s get right to the “Low Power FM for the End of the World” part…

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