The Turkey Day Briefer

The State of America is the annual topic around here when the turkey comes out.  Though, unlike many American households, there’s usually very little spread of opinion.  Because, when everyone at the table is over 70, they have been kicked-around enough by Life to have moderated most previously held extreme (or stupid) views.

Notwithstanding, we will begin today’s column with a short list of things than are showing up in headlines which could be harbingers of the Future.

This Turkey Day will be among the riskiest ever, we expect.  Partly because of the thousands upon thousands of OTM illegals the (retarded) administration has allowed to infiltrate the “Next Front of WW3″ via the southern border.  So bad, in fact that the FBI this week issued a terrorism warning about the period ahead.

Despite people elected to office (and not) the job of “securing America” has become something of a joke.  The crooks go unpunished (or to Nantucket) for the holiday.

An early hats off, therefore, before we begin, to the First Responders of fire, police, and medicine, plus convenience store clerks and travel workers who make the annual brush with insanity tolerable. At least to some extent.

With that as the set-up, and a reminder to keep your ears open and eyes out for “Exit” signs in public places where (Middle East-backed) terror could be applied as leverage, let’s commence “talking turkey.”

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