The Teaching Moments Ahead

With markets in free-fall, we are again looking back at critical lessons to have internalized right now – like today –  before we get into the Replay of 1929 any deeper.  There are two main ones that come to mind.

The first has to do with invention.  So, in this regard, we’ll be focused on some troubling aspects of the latest U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ( data reports.

The second has to do with thrift.  Which seems to be a lost art except for some of the recent arrivals from elsewhere who oftentimes have a better way to pinch a penny than people who’s had too much, for too long, and won’t be able to cope without help.

Toss in a real-life performance report on our new Starlink system (and how to set it up without an IoS or Android device) and then some speculation as to who might be responsible for blowing the Nordstream II pipeline and it will be a grand report, for sure.

Especially when you see how our ChartPack continues to closely track a similar time period in the 1929 debacle.

A few headlines including the Trade and Inventory data just crossing, too…  Do we know how to party, or what?

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