The “Solution to Social Media”

Graceful engineering ideas time – something to FWD to Elon Musk? – as we consider the Surgeon General’s concerns on Social and propose radical solutions. This is as discussion about the Magic Bullet that could save Twitter  for Musk and turn it to a “best of class” concern, again.

No, it’s not turning off your computer; though that might work, too.  Instead, we have a whole different take on social media.  Including a roughed-out website (and some future Peoplenomics articles which may become web pages) to get some software “legs under the idea.

This is one of those horribly obvious fallouts from TRIZ thinking.  Which, frankly we are surprised Elon Musk has not already invented – because it is just so obvious to us.

Anyway, the idea is useful, doable, scalable and changes the whole ballgame for social media.

Which we will lay out right after a few warm-up headlines and the morning ChartPack.

But then we leap into it:  A world obsessed with the climate scam has missed the Global #1 *with a bullet* problem afoot today:  Thought Pollution.  Take it with big enough doses of Woke disease and robots posting and you have an environment where nitrogen and carbon emissions look positively inviting.

So, a side of Budget hype with them eggs, today, pardnah?  Then let’s get real about Social’s role in Thought Pollution.

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