The Solution No One Wants to Talk About

Tired of hearing endlessly about the Ceiling and the Shutdown?  Well, there really is a solution no one talks about but it’s a very ugly and messy one.  Many times in the past, we have referred to our purely hypothetical Directorate 153 as being a kind of Central Command for a shadow government which really drives US sociopolitical operations.  Envisioned as being an outgrowth of the Cold War, when the US was at a long-term strategic disadvantage in policy implementation, due to the longer duration of Soviet and now Federation (State Duma) committee plans, our hypothesized Directorate at least gives the West a somewhat equalized footing on the timeline; one less subject to political breezes that blow through Washington in the wake of each election.  This morning, after a cup and a crumpet, we’ll consider what we do best around here:  The unthinkable.

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