The “Secret Investment” No One Talks About

January 23, 2013 — “…psst…wanna make north of 20% with low risk?”   Back to our ‘core” this morning…getting rich.  The economy – more or less –  sucks here lately.  And although there are occasional ways to make something  other than bank rates of interest, most of those come with a fair amount of  risk.  Still, there are a few ‘sneakers’ left – and IF we don’t get a global  coastal event, once Elaine and I get back from summer travels this year (with  Panama Bates taking point at Uretopia in our absence) we will likely wade into  this investment ourselves.  As usual, more on  the sport of  “making money” – a  topic that never goes out of style – after we turn over a few headlines and look  to see what’s under them.

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