The Return of “Sweat Equity”

How would you like a brand-new home at less than half price? Not only is this possible, but there are people who do this all the time.  So this morning, we push around some numbers and show you how you can build your own and make a sweet pile of equity in the process.

There is, however, one underlying educational requirement:  You will need some basic woodworking skills.  You can pick these up by volunteering to help others who are building property, there are night classes, and even books like David Snell’s book “Building Your Own Home (18th edition)”  which makes the point that about a third of all new single-family detached homes are “self-built.”

In today’s world this means a $350,000 home can be self-built for about half that amount – and how would YOU like to step into a new home with $175,000 of equity and a house payment half as large (and about half as long) as others in your ‘hood?

First, though, some fresh data to sniff and then a tackle of the ChartPack as we try to wrap around the insane rally Tuesday.

Caffeine and calculator ready?

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