The Peoplenomics Second Depression Handbook (i)

imageWe are off on another book-writing adventure. 

This time, we will pull together and synthesize from of our earlier Peoplenomics reports, a bit of economic theory, and even a fair bit of look-ahead material which we use to divine trends in their infancy where they can be utilized to personal advantage.

Regardless of whether our expected fifth wave up occurs, it is now time to begin looking in earnest at the daunting project of collecting several tons of material and putting it into lay form so that people not versed in economics, trading, or investment in general, will be able to make sense out of what is coming down the pipe.

As we will explore in a potential opening chapter today (“A Matter of Perspectives“) one of the key difficulties is that really comprehending the nature of cataclysmic change is how you choose to consider the problem.

Hence, after our charts and a few news observations about a pretty boring week, we will offer some “perspective on perspective” as a reasonable starting vantage point from which to look ahead to what’s coming down the road.

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